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It is the purpose of each choral organization to provide an array of performing experiences which help students begin to understand music as an art, science, discipline, mode of expression, and source of enjoyment.



Lincoln Harmonix is an extra curricular vocal ensemble available to all students, all year. This group is featured in both the holiday and spring choral concerts. 

Students rehearse after school and perform well-known music of varying artists and genres.

Check the calendar and listen to morning announcements for details on auditions for Lincoln Harmonix.


6th Grade Chorus

7th & 8th Grade Chorus

Chorus is a year-long class in which students will learn to sing as a group in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Both 6th Grade Chorus and 7th & 8th Grade Chorus cover a wide variety of styles, genres, and languages throughout the year.


Students also have the opportunity to learn skills necessary to read music and to sing with healthy technique.


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